Small Balcony Makeover Reveal

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for… okay, probably just the moment I’ve been waiting for. My small balcony makeover reveal is HERE! Of course, life is different now than it was six weeks ago when we started this journey. In that time, I ended up getting a new job and in turn, quitting […]


Weekend Pins #23: Repurposed Windows

Happy Weekend! This week is all about repurposed windows! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this post earlier this week: I really need to stop browsing @kijijicanada just for fun, because I end up with Windows and antique spindles I don't have space for but can't pass up šŸ˜‚ good thing […]


Outdoor Dining Area // Small Balcony Makeover:Week 6

It’s finally Week 6! Progress seemed a bit slow to start, but finally everything is coming together for my Small Balcony Makeover… including my new Outdoor Dining Area! Before we get into the reveal of this IKEA Outdoor Dining Area.. let’s take a trip back through the last six weeks, shall we? Week 1 went […]


Weekend Pins #22: DIY Wall Art Ideas

Happy Weekend! I’m (finally) back with another edition of Weekend Pins! It’s been busy around here, as the summer usually is. It’s not even ‘officially’ summer until Monday, but we have had some AMAZING weather so far. We had a pretty mild winter too, so I’m glad I didn’t let the threat of a harsh […]


DIY Map Coasters // Small Balcony Makeover: Week 4

It’s week four, and I feel like very little progress has been shown for my actual balcony. Behind the scenes, lots has been done- but there is still lots more to do before a reveal- like this weekend, when I’ll be stopping at IKEA to pick up my balcony table + chairs which will really […]


Weekend Pins #21: DIY Wood Working Projects

Happy Weekend! I don’t know about where you are, but it’s supposed to be a BEAUTIFUL weekend here! They’re calling for a little rain tomorrow, but when was the weather man ever right? He called for thunderstorms all weekend last week and we had some of the best weather we’ve had all year. When the […]


Weekend Pins #20: DIY Wooden Signs Inspiration

Happy Weekend! I’m so excited for this weekend because tomorrow I’m going to pick up my new couch! It’s a Kijiji FREE find and it’s going to make my living room look so much better than my current futon. My parents are coming up to help load it (hopefully it doesn’t rain) and maybe my […]